Many of us animators and motion designers started in this amazing field, delighted by watching cartoons and movies in our childhood. A lot of people from my generation will remember the animated shorts from Hanna Barbera: The Flintstones, Tom and Jerry, The Road Runner or Top Cat and his gang between others. Animation techniques started evolving and in the upcoming years 3D animation emerged opening a new world of possibilities that generated a revolution in the animation industry. One of the first 3D animated movies was Toy Story (1995), and with it Pixar astonished a whole generation.

It is precisely Pixar who today opens the doors to this wonderful world of magic and fantasy by giving us all their knowledge in a free online course called “Pixar in a Box”. Pixar in a Box is a behind-the-scenes that shows us how the geniuses of Pixar work to create all these incredible animated films that children and adults love so much. In this online course you can learn many techniques such as animating bouncing balls, create a swarm of robots, make virtual explosions among many other things. Everything you’ve learned at school like math, science, computing and humanities is used daily in the animation industry to create all these wonderful stories.

The content of this course features:

• The art of Story Telling
• Illumination
• Simulations
• Color Science
• Virtual cameras
• Effects
• Patterns
• Rigging
• Animation
• Landscape modeling
• Character modeling
• Crowd creating
• Virtual sets and scenes
• Rendering

Pixar Animation in collaboration with Khan Academy are sponsored by the masters from Disney. Take advantage of this excellent opportunity that they are giving us for free! Learn or maybe improve your knowledge in the exciting world of 3D animation.

Here is the link to the course: https://www.khanacademy.org/partner-content/pixar

Pixar nos regala un curso de animación en 3d totalmente gratuito


Muchos de nosotros nos iniciamos en este mundo de los motion graphics y la animación por algún dibujo animado o película que vimos en nuestra niñez. A los que son de mi generación recordarán los cortos animados de Hanna Barbera como Los Flintstones, Tom y Jerry, el Corre Caminos o quizá la Pandilla de Don Gato. Las técnicas de animación fueron evoluyendo con el pasar de los años hasta el surgimiento del 3D, que abrió todo un nuevo mundo de posibilidades y generó toda una revolución en el mundo de la animación.  Una de las primeras películas animadas en 3D fue Toy Story (1995) y con ella la empresa Pixar deslumbró a toda una generación.

Es justamente Pixar quien hoy nos abre las puertas a este maravilloso mundo de magia y fantasía regalándonos todos sus conocimientos en un curso online gratuito llamado Pixar in a Box. Pixar in a Box es una mirada tras bambalinas que nos muestra cómo trabajan los genios de Pixar para crear todas estas películas animadas increíbles que a pequeños y adultos nos encantan. En este curso en linea podrás aprender muchas técnicas como por ejemplo animar pelotas dando bote, crear un enjambre de robots, hacer explosiones virtuales entre muchas otras cosas más. Todo lo que aprendiste en la escuela como matemáticas, ciencia, computación y humanidades, se utiliza diariamente en la industria de la animación para crear todas estas historias maravillosas que nos encantan.

En este curso podrás aprender:

  • El arte de contar historias
  • El arte de la iluminación
  • Simulaciones
  • La ciencia del color
  • Cámaras virtuales
  • Efectos
  • Patrones
  • Rigging
  • Animación
  • Modelado de entornos
  • Modelado de personajes
  • Creación de multitudes
  • Creación de sets y puestas en escena
  • Rendering

Pixar Animation en colaboración con Khan Academy son patrocinados nada más y nada menos que por Disney. Aprovecha esta excelente oportunidad que nos están dando de manera gratuita para poder ingresar, aprender o quizá mejorar nuestros nuestros conocimientos en el apasionante mundo de la animación 3D.

El curso está disponible en inglés pero los videos de Youtube cuentan con subtítulos en español. Aquí les dejo el enlace al curso: https://www.khanacademy.org/partner-content/pixar

Vimeo Create, The New Way to Make and Share High-Impact Social Videos

Vimeo Create, The New Way to Make and Share High-Impact Social Videos

Vimeo, the world’s leading professional video platform and community has launched a new app that helps small businesses create professional looking social videos. It is available for desktop, Android and iOS and the best thing is that you can try it for free.

This solution is made for persons that have little to no experience in shooting and editing videos. This solution is fast  and very simple to use. It has the perfect tools to develop and post social videos for whatever purpose you have. Check some of the cool videos some businesses are already producing.

Here’s the deal:


  • Fast and easy video creation: You can use pre-made templates created by professional designers or build your video from scratch.  Place your personal footage or ad some clips from the millions of high quality clips and stills from their stock library. Then choose your music from the built-in library and “voila”.
  • Smart technology takes care of the editing work: Once you have collected all the assets for your video, AI does the editing magic on it’s ow so you don’t need to learn any editing skills to make a great video.
  • Brand customization: Match your brand look with customizable captions, colors, fonts, layouts, logos, calls-to-action and end screens. 
  • All-in-one video marketing shop: With high-performance video marketing tools that you can use to collaborate with your team, distribute to every social platform and your website, and track the success of the videos you’ve made.

Problems like lack of time, cost and complexity are preventing small business owners from making videos, only 22% think they’ve created enough in 2019.  96% of small business owners said they would create more videos if these problems were solved.

Vimeo Create also has integrated video analytics so you can get a glance at how your videos are performing and better understand your audience.

You can try Vimeo Create for free but you will need a Pro subscription or higher to save your videos.  You can get a free trial of the full suite of capabilities here.

If you want you can also show them what you #MadeWithVimeo

Source: Vimeo.com


Oh my God! I love this free plugin!

In my more than 25 years being a Video Editor, Post producer and Motion Designer, I haven’t been able to choose the best plugin to recommend to my colleagues, friends and students, but  Mr. Horse’s has come up with such an amazing product that there is no way I can’t recommend  Animation Composer for After Effects to them.  It has become part of my “essential items” and It is worth every of my hard-earned pennies. It’s super useful, easy to use and customize. I use it in my daily work at the advertising agency I work for as it is a high-speed production environment where we need to deliver things for yesterday and with the highest possible quality. The best of all is that there is a Free version!

I am not the kind of person that usually buys every plugin that comes out to the market, and I really don’t use many plugins on my daily work because most of the time I have to share my projects with other animators, but since Animation Composer creates animations based on scripts if the other user doesn’t have the plugin he will not have any problems using my projects. If you are thinking in the one and only plugin you should spend your money, this is the one.

I started using the free version and after using it for a couple months I fell in love with it and bought some of the expansion packages they offer. In my case I bought “The Most Handy Motion Presets” (a must have!) and afterwards I bought the “Shape Transitions Package” and “Shape Elements” pack.

Here’s a list of some of the expansion packages they offer are:


  • The Most Handy Motion Presets
  • Text Presets
  • 3D Motion Presets
  • Filmmaker’s Transitions
  • Shape Elements
  • 2D Special Effects
  • Titles and Lower Thirds
  • Textures
  • Shape Transitions
  • Backgrounds
  • Animated Illustrations, and
  • Essential Sound Effects

This plugin is now being used by 70,000+ motion designers around the world and the number keeps growing. Give a try, check it out @ mrhorse.tv you won’t be disappointed.


Motion Array’s Free Extension

Motion Array, the video maker’s best friend has released a Free Extension to access their unlimited library of video templates, stock video, royalty-free music, and more.  With this extension you will be able to download their assets directly from your Adobe Application; Photoshop, Premiere or After Effects.

Simply install the extension and log into your Motion Array account, search and browse for assets compatible with your software, then download and import them with just one click.  Find the perfect video clip, test multiple music tracks, or check up various title options without leaving your program.

Although Motion Array is a paid service, they have loads of free assets for you to download.

If you would like more information about Motion Array and this extension, jump to:


Just to mention, I don’t have any relationship with Motion Array and I don’t receive any money from promoting their products. My sole intention here in this blog post is to share useful information I find on the internet to share it with you my friends.

Hubspot’s email signature generator

This post may have some information outside the subject of this blog, but I thought it was worth sharing with you.

A couple of days ago I got an email from  Hubspot  with a  link  to a page where you can create your own email signature. The truth is that I loved it. It’s super easy to use and the results are very professional.

I am using it to update all the signatures of my email accounts and I am very happy. My signatures look much more professional and visually beautiful.

Here’s the link:


It should be noted that I do not have any type of affiliation with Hubspot and I do not earn anything with this, in fact the tool is free, so I hope you find it as useful as was for me.